A Brief History

MenloHacks III follows MenloHacks I, hosted in April 2016, and MenloHacks II, hosted in March 2017. Every year, MenloHacks produces a wide array of amazing projects; you can see them here for MenloHacks I and here for MenloHacks II. Over the years, MenloHacks has always included top-notch support, workshops, and food. Our judges have included Former Apple SVP of iOS Scott Forstall and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.
To get a sense of last year and what to expect this year, here’s the summary video from MenloHacks II:

What's New for MenloHacks III?

MenloHacks III will continue all of the best MenloHacks traditions: great workshops, amazing judges, top-notch food. This year, we aim to increase the availability of mentors even more, and will be improving our mentorship system so mentors can find you instantly if you need help. If you are interested in mentoring, shoot us an email at mentor@menlohacks.com.

MenloHacks III will also be hosted Saturday-Sunday like MenloHacks I instead of Friday-Saturday like MenloHacks II. This is much better in terms of the number and quality of workshops we can have, and means you can get a good night of sleep before and after the hacking, making the hacking experience even better. We are also planning to increase the size of the event, so that even more hackers can experience MenloHacks!

Tentative Schedule

Saturday, March 10

10:00 AM


11:00 AM

Opening Ceremony

12:00 PM

Team-Forming Session

12:00 PM

Hacking Begins





Sunday, March 11

12:00 AM

Midnight Snack

8:00 AM


12:00 PM

Hacking Ends

12:15 PM


12:45 PM

Judging and Closing Ceremony

2:15 PM

Go Home and Sleep

Judges So Far

Susan Wojcicki
CEO, YouTube

Regina Dugan
Former Director, DARPA
Former VP of Engineering, Facebook

Mitch Lasky
General Partner, Benchmark

Micheline Casey
Head of Data Digital Services, Ford Mobility
Former Chief Data Officer, Federal Reserve

Diaz Nesamoney
CEO, Jivox

Byron Deeter
Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners


What is a hackathon?

In this context, the word "hack" means to create. A hackathon is an event where people come together for 24 hours to make something using the wonders of technology. But, the goal of a hackathon isn't just to create something: it's also to learn. Hackathons are the time to experiment with new technologies, APIs, SDKs, or learn to code from scratch.

Who can attend?

Anyone currently in high school is eligible to apply.

How much coding experience do I need?

None at all. Hackathons are a fantastic place to learn and get advice from experienced hackers. We'll also host plenty of workshops and have plenty of mentors so by the end of the 24 hours you'll have a working project even if you haven't coded a day in your life before. We also host a prize for best beginner hack.

How much does the event cost?

A sum total of $0.00. Even meals, snacks, caffeine, sodas, and other drinks are provided. Our goal is to let you hack worry free.

What should I bring?

Bring a form of photo ID (school IDs are fine), a laptop, and a charger. If you don't have a laptop, email hello@menlohacks.com and we'll find something for you. While we will be providing some hardware, if you need something special, also bring that. Also, if you want to sleep, bring a sleeping bag.

How will I get there?

You are responsible for finding your own transportation. Ideally, try and find a ride because we don't recommend driving back for safety reasons after a hackathon. We can help find you a carpool. We will not be providing travel reimbursement at this time.

How big are the teams?

Up to 4 people.

How do I find a team?

All accepted hackers will be given an invitation to a Facebook group which can be used to find teammates. Additionally, the event will feature a team-forming event. Obviously, if you have friends going to the event, you are welcome to just team up with them; however, it is often more fun to code with new people.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes, there is. Nothing too out of the ordinary though. Generally, be nice to others. If you want the full guide, we are using the MLH code of conduct which can be found here.


If you are interested in sponsoring, please reach out to us at sponsor@menlohacks.com. You can also check out our sponsorship guide.